Steve Paddock initially worked on our very first property, a two bedroom terraced house in Harlington, about 20 years ago. We wanted to sell it and at the time were worried we might not be able to, as it had already been on the market for some time without any definite interest.

Our solution was to go on holiday for a couple of weeks and leave Steve to get on with the business of making the house attractive enough to be snapped up by prospective buyers. This was not an easy task, as there was a substantial hole and other damage in the kitchen ceiling caused by persistent dripping from an old shower, which had rotted the floorboards. It also needed a good freshen up all round with a lick of paint.

We needn’t have worried. When we returned from holiday, the place looked amazing! The hole in the ceiling was beautifully patched in and the whole place looked clean, fresh and more spacious and inviting. Very shortly afterwards, we were able to sell the house for the full asking price! I have no doubt that Steve’s work triggered our buyer’s interest in the house which otherwise would have probably remained unsold.

A few years later, Steve helped to convert our lounge diner and install a feature fireplace in our second property, a three bedroom bungalow in Addlestone, Surrey, with the aim of making it more functional and ultimately more presentable for sale.

We were very satisfied with the overall results and were fortunate to gain the benefit of a further onward sale at an extremely favourable price.

This resulted in us being able to purchase our third home, a six bedroom property in the country where we lived up until last year.

Overall, I can conclude that Steve’s work was instrumental in us achieving a substantial gain in the value of our overall property portfolio, which has allowed us to capitalise on opportunities which might not otherwise have been available to us.

Consequently, our family has enjoyed increased wellbeing and all the other benefits that more space and more harmonious surroundings can provide.

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